Coronavirus and beyond!

Hello! and Welcome!

2020 is off to a flying start with students settling into their practise routines and expectations. The Summer holidays are behind us as we move forward to winter sessions. I'm not a big fan of winter but it gives musicians many opportunities to practise and improve without all those lovely outdoor distractions-like swimming. It'll be sad to see summer and those balmy days when the world can just slip by.

However, unfortunately, this year we have a contagious virus to deal with and we must remain vigilant to our health, especially as we sink into winter.

The studio will remain open as long as we are all safe from illness. If we do have to isolate and quarantine then I will put measures in place for students to continue their musical studies. Luckily, we may communicate via the internet and sms or mms. I will also set up Facetime or Skype classes to continue the musical learning in real time as other music teachers are doing in other parts of the Australia and the World.

Meantime, at the studio, I ask that everyone washes their hands before entering the studio(sing Happy Birthday to yourself), do not attend lessons if unwell, sneeze or cough into your elbow and generally abide by good hygiene practices.

Above all! Stay Well!

Best wishes,


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