About Rockin'Tots

Cindy has extensive experience working with children and providing a music education in a safe and caring environment. Her goal is to provide a relevant and professional teaching program for everyone who wishes to learn a life long skill.

 Kindermusik with Cindy classes provide an opportunity for early learners to develop their social and emotional skills, motor skills,cognitive learning skills and, above all, gives these little learners a boost to their self esteem, confidence and school readiness.

From these classes, children slide seamlessly into Instrumental learning on Piano, Guitar or musical composition.

What we do

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At Rockin' Tots, we're passionate about children making music together - with each other, and you.

Music has been proven to stimulate every aspect of development in young children, plus, music makes learning fun!

In our Kindermusik classes, children are encouraged to explore, express and discover in their own way. Your children will sing, dance, play instruments, jam and improvise, and, together with you, laugh and bond in a safe musical community setting.

This approach strives for all children to become tuneful, beatful, and artful using research- based and developmentally appropriate holistic musical activities.

Play based learning is a vital educational element.

We are passionate believers that music is the basis of All learning, not just musical learning. It encourages language development and literacy skills through Natural Melodic Expressiveness. It also encourages Numeracy skills through counting, and, above all, it enhances Creative thought and Imagination.


"It has my boy engaged through music. Learning to have patience and enjoy movement and music with friends."

"It's a great program. My kids love it!"

from Happy Mums!!


Benefits of musical learning.
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Early Learning

Young children are like sponges soaking up information for future reference.

Social Skills

Developing social skills allows children the opportunity to become community minded and to enhance their perception of themselves as participants and contributors to their society.